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The Annals of the University of Craiova, the Psychology-Pedagogy series, is an international academic publication with interdisciplinary characteristics that aims to promote education and educational research, to provide an expression opportunity to all the experienced specialists in the field, but also to the young researchers, facilitating the exchange of ideas and interactions at the level of the scientific community.

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The Annals of the University of Craiova, Psychology and Pedagogy Series (ISSN 1582-
313X), edited by the Department of Teacher Training, through the Centre for Psychopedagogical
Research (Romanian acronym CCPP), brings to your attention the theme Lifelong learning in the
knowledge society in relation to Issue no. 2 (42) of 2020.

Call for papers

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The first issue of the magazine was published in 2001.

The journal accepts the following categories of studies:

  • Theoretical papers
  • Basic research papers
  • Applied research papers
  • Essays
  • Book reviews
  • Interviews

The works can approach different themes in the educational field: the initial and in-service teacher training; the development and innovation of the curriculum; the theory and practice of training; the theory and practice of the assessment; management and educational leadership; the management of the educational programs; the sociology of education; the psychology of education; university pedagogy; adult pedagogy; the history of pedagogy  and alternative pedagogies; comparative pedagogy; pedagogy of primary and pre-primary education; early education; the education of children with special educational needs; inclusive education; educational counselling; the psycho-pedagogy of learning; special didactics, etc.

Depending on the topic and its approach (theoretical, practical-experimental, essay, etc.), the journal proposes the following sections:

Theoretical approaches – revisited and new perspectives; Educational practice – new perspectives; Research laboratory; History of pedagogy; Comparative pedagogy; Computer-assisted teaching and Varia.


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Current issue:

Annals of the University of Craiova, Series Psychology- Pedagogy

no 1 (41)/2020

Publication date: June, 30, 2020

No Author(s) Title Pages
1 Valentina MÎSLIȚCHI Lifelong education – necessity and desideratum of the personality 9-25
2 Diana ANTOCI Lifelong learning and value orientation development in personality’s system 27-37
3 Alexandrina Mihaela POPESCU Digital Skills of Teachers for Lifelong Learning – Romanian Realities and Perspectives 39-44
4 Florentin Remus MOGONEA Training today’s individual for tomorrow’s individual’s performance. Lifelong learning 45-61
5 Oprea-Valentin BUȘU, Elena Cristina ANDREI, Mihai-Narcis POPESCU Allostatic neuroplasticity and epigenetic mechanisms in personality development 63-73
6 Emil LAZĂR, Ionel Florian LIXANDRU Change management – the aplicative context of the factors which decisively influence the quality of educational act 75-83
7 Alina Doina IONESCU (DASCĂLU) Psycho-sociological perspectives on the family institution in the contemporary society 85-92
8 Euphrosyne EFTHIMIADOU Formation ouverte et à distance (FOAD) : quels enjeux pour planifier et élaborer le syllabus d’un module master en didactique des langues (DDL) ? 93-104
9 Imad BELGHIT L’andragogie et ses implications sur la formation continue des enseignants 105-118
10 Mihaela Aurelia ȘTEFAN A model of streamlining academic learning 119-131
11 Amina COURANT MENEBHI L’apprentissage tout au long de la vie au prisme de l’éducation à l’environnement et au développement durable : représentations et analyse discursive au sein de la communauté éducative 133-154
12 Vali ILIE, Ecaterina Sarah FRĂSINEANU The teacher – main actor in the knowledge society 155-169
13 Maria MALCOYANNI Arthur de Gobineau. Lettres à Euphrosyne, Zoé et Marie Dragoumis. Book review 171-174
14 Ecaterina Sarah FRĂSINEANU Sociologia educației. Book review 175-177