Peer review process

How peer review works?

The review process follows next steps:

1. Author submits manuscript to journal.

2. Journal editor(s) assesses manuscript. The Editorial Office is checking if the manuscript conform to basic requirements of the journal.

3. The manuscript are accepted or rejected and the author will be informed.

4. If the manuscript is accepted, the editor(s) invite experts to peer review. The papers are evaluated by 2 independent reviewers, not affiliated with the same institution, in the blind Peer-Review system.

In the review process, the evaluators take into account the following criteria:

-The article’s theme fits into the profile of the journal or theme recommended for that number;

– The theme is original;

– The style is scientific, coherent, logical, argumentative, reflexive;

– The author respects the recommended structure and technical details regarding    the study writing;

-The author respects instructions for noting the bibliographic references.

5. Reviewers send the report to the editor(s).

6. The editorial staff may take one of the following decisions:

accept publication of the article, without revisions;

– accept the publication of the article, with minor revisions.

– rejection of the article.

In each of the three situations, the author is informed by email about the outcome of the evaluation and any observations, comments and recommendations of the reviewers.

7. The authors are required to send the modified study by the date they have been communicated by  chief editors or by the number editors.

8. The final decision regarding any paper publication belongs to the Editors-in-Chief. The editors are required to ensure the transparency of the assessment act in terms of the criteria applied and the reasoning of the decision.

9. The maximum period of time between the manuscript submission and the final decision should not exceed 3 months.

For further information on the assessment criteria you can download the Review Form.

Download Review Form

Télécharger Fiche d’évaluation